- Tepui Roraima 2008


The information below is reduced since the trek was not completed (turned back at Rio Tk).

Roraima (2810 masl), that belong to the type of mountains called Tepui (a plateau), is located at the border between three countrys (Venezuela, Brasil and Guyana). Roraima is the highets mountain in Guyana. A good starting point for this trek is the little town Santa Elena de Uairen i Venezuela, located only 15 minutes with car from the Brasilian border. Three ways to get there:

  • By air from Caracas to Cuidad Bolivar and further with small propeller aircrafts to Santa Elena.
  • By air from Caracas to Cuidad Bolivar/Puerto Ordaz and further on with night bus (10-12 hrs) to Santa Elena.
  • Rent a car a drive all the way from Caracas or Cuidad Bolivar/Puerto Ordaz/Cuidad Guayana to Santa Elena.

There is only one choice for non technical climbing - the route from Venezuela. The origin is normally Santa Elena and then travel by jeep to the little village Paraitepuy (located west of Roraima). This is followed by trek into the nationalk park and the first camp site is Rio Tk (12 km trek). Depending on weather the final camp will be located below the 'ramp' (natural route that leads to the summit) or on the summit it self. From this point (summit), it will take you 8 hrs to reach the tripple point (where the three countrys meet). A trip report and overview of camp sites, click here.

An worthy and recommended agancy for Roraima trips is Backpacker Tours in Santa Elena. Eric Buschbell (the owner) is a real proffessional and showed this when a sick person needed to visit the hospital. Check out the homepage: