- Pico Bolivar 2009


Venezuela flag

Venezuela is a multi experience country, with amazonas jungle, high land plateaus and alpine regions in the andes - just to mention a few things. Apart from this Venezuela is most probably known for the fine beaches and that the capital city Caracas is one of the most dangerous places in the world. There is several tour agencys around the world that offer different 'full pension' trips to Venezuela, but in this case the research, planning and travel was made in private. This, of course, give rise to many other sides of the word 'experiences' (not always good ones).

Communications and lifestyle are different compared to the north of europe, this was the main reason that the planning was done in brief and not in detail. Several possible goals were on the wishlist, but not essential if missed due to unknown causes, and the focus was one tepui (best case Roraima) and to climb the highest peak in Venezuela - Pico Bolivar. The trip last for 22 days, but with bad logistics and communication many days were waisted instead of performing nice activities.

Some info about this trip will mention other things then trekking and climbing - for example recomendations on local agancys and how to behave (or not behave) during travel in Venezuela. And some warnings about prices and agancys with poor service and bad attitude is also included.