- Pico Bolivar 2009 - Day 04

Cable car station Redonda (4000 masl) - Mucunutan - Merida (1600 masl)

Text & photo: Marco Trobec   

Nice day

[2009-01-05] Cable car station Redonda (4000 masl)

Yesterday afternoon we arrive at Redonda and spend the evening in 'the kitchen' together with other people that have done trips and hikes in the area. The food was made by another guide tonight, since Darwin needed to go back up to Pico Espejo to pick up gear that he left behind earlier. The food was almost the best happening during this trip - taste really good and shall not be compared to what we got earlier. I decided to put up our tent outside, on the gras, instead of what they recommended (inside the cable car station, on the hard, dirty and cold concrete floor). During night a cow (!) loosen two of the tent guylines and we had moderate rain combined with some snow, but the morning weather was sunny with clear view towards the mighty north face of Pico Bolivar! The cable car station are not in use, the cable car system are not in use and have not been for years - despite the facts, many in Venezuela refer to this cable car as the longest and/or the highest in the world. This is similar to insist of having the fastest sport car in the world, but without any engine! Finally, we started to descent and soon the next cable car station was visible.

Ahh, great jungle

[2009-01-05] Descent from Redonda and Mucunutan

The origin plan was to stay over night at Pedro's place (a small cabin at 3200 masl), but since we descened earlier we will have time enough to go back to Merida instead. Rumors says that Pedro is a distant relative to the first man who climbed Pico Bolivar (the first ascent was done by the german Franz Weiss, and the normal route 'Ruta Weiss' was named after him). Below Pedro's place, the landscape have ravines and other cavities that make this area a little bit hard no navigate through. And below there is a nice, a little claustrophobic and narrow jungle path. The path are partly in a old and, at the moment, dry river bed - so the today tip is to stay away during heavy and rapid rainfall that can create a dangerous stream of water. At last, we reached Mucunutan and rested before the jeep picked us up. On the way to Merida the young driver wanted to show his skills, and he drive on the wrong side of the road (oncoming traffic), intercepted smaller cars and make overtake if traffic jam - and no seatbelt available in the jeep!

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