- About

Marco Trobec

Born in 1971

Lives in Göteborg area, Sweden

Family is important to me

Countries visited are 29 (see official list here)

This can be unknown to you, but I have been shot at, stabbed/cut (knives), drowned and revived, unintentional exposed to street violence/fighting and I have not taste any coffee in my life!

My background regarding outdoor activities started in the end of the 70s. At this time trekking in the alps with my family was an annual happening. The trekking activities increased over the years and the next natural step was mountaineering, followed by alpine climbing and some traditional rock climbing (at a moderate level as lead). The need for nature experiences also led me into other areas (like kayaking, mountain bike etc), but alpine trips is my true joy.

In 1994 Team Hyperactive was founded and we had around 16 years of fine and different activities with lots of nice memories. Today the situation is different due to family and friends and in my case I continue to do alpine trips (commersial group or solo trips). I created this web site with some old material earlier done with Team Hyperactive and with some new material - I hope to add more trip reports in the future, but these trips will probably have some sort of family characteristic rather than extreme and exposed adventures at high altitudes.