- Climbing Trips

//Tepui Roraima
  Year Trip Altitude [m] Description Location
  2011 Mount Pequeno Alpamayo 5350 Nice and exposed ridge climbing Bolivia
  2011 Mount Sajama 6542 Bolivias highest mountain Bolivia
  2011 Mount Parinacota 6280 Nice solo attempt in bad weather (unsuccessful) Chile
  2011 Mount Ojos del Salado 6893 Nice solo attempt for winter climbing (unsuccessful) Chile
  2009 Monte Cinto 2706 Corsicas highest mountain France/Corse
  2009 Pico Bolivar 4981 Venezuelas highest mountain Venezuela
  2008 Tepui Roraima2810 Beautiful Tepui (Unsuccessful) Venezuela
  2007 Mount Denali 6194 North Americas highest mountain USA (Alaska)
  2006 Mount Kebnekaise 2108 Swedens highest mountain (technical north route) Sweden
  2006 Mount Kaskasepakte 2043 Mixed climbing with very exposed crux Sweden
  2005 Mount Kebnekaise 2108 Swedens highest mountain (west route) Sweden
  2005 Mount Elbrus 5642 Europes highest mountain Russia
  2005 Mount Galdhöpiggen 2469 Scandinavias highest mountain Norway
  2005 Mount Kilimanjaro 5895 Africas highest mountain (Umbwe route) Tanzania
  2004 Mount Aconcagua 6962 South Americas highest mountain Argentina
  2004 Mount Elbrus 5642 Europes highest mountain (unsuccessful) Russia
  2003 Mount Visbretind 2234 Nice climb in Jotunheimen Norway
  2003 Monte Perdido 3348 Third highest mountain in the Pyrenees Spain
  2002 Mount Blanc 4810 West Europe highest mountain France
  2002 Mount Weissmies 4017 Nice alpine climb in partly whiteout Switzerland
  2001 Mount Kyrkja 2032 Climb of a nice shaped mountain Norway
  2001 Mount Surtningssua 2368 Climbing in whiteout and snowfall Norway
  2000 Ben Nevis 1344 Highest mountain in Scotland Scotland
  2000 Mount Glittertind 2465 Second highest mountain in Scandinavia Norway
  1999 Mount Galdhöpiggen 2469 Highest mountain in Scandinavia Norway